Travelport Universal Policy

For companies seeking to optimize their business travel spending, Travelport offers Universal Policy for creating and applying corporate travel policies. Companies and travel agencies can tailor air, car, and hotel shopping responses with corporate travel policy attributes, or policy rules.

Configurable rules for your business needs

After they are configured, policy rules can be used to control and identify the content returned in a shop response. Policy rules can identify shop responses as in-policy or out-of-policy, and preferred or non-preferred. Policy rules can even completely exclude certain items from a shop response, such as when employee travel is not allowed on certain vendors. Policy rules can be configured by criteria such as vendors, rate and fare maximums, geographic locations, and dates.

Universal Policy works with online booking tools and agency point-of-sale systems, as well as shop responses from Travelport Universal API and even non-Travelport sources. Travelport provides Universal Policy both as a web-based application providing a user interface for policy administrators, and as a collection of SOAP web services directly for developers.

Universal Policy Web Services
Universal Policy’s XML-based Web Services provide two types of functionality:
  • Creating and managing travel policies: As an alternative to the Admin Portal, the Admin Web Services are used to configure and retrieve policy data. Everything that can be done through the Admin Portal can also be done through Admin Web Services.
  • Filtering search results: Once policy rules are configured, either through the Admin Portal or Admin Web Services, the Search Evaluation Web Services apply policy rules to shop responses.

The Search Evaluation Web Services can be used along with Travelport Universal API to apply configured policy rules to Universal API shop responses. Or, shop responses from any non-Travelport source can be sent to the Search Evaluation Web Services for policy evaluation.

Universal Policy Admin Portal

The Universal Policy Admin Portal provides a web-based user interface for creating and managing travel policies. Policy administrators can use its browser-based screens to configure policy rules by agency, corporation, or traveler group. Once configured, travel policies can then be applied to shop responses through any corporate booking tool (CBT), or through Universal Policy Web Services.