1. Download the SOAP API Services test tool

Use the API test tool to test your credentials, send requests, and see responses. The Help tab in the tool provides a great explanation of the tool’s functionality and how to use it.

Download test tool
2. Choose a pre-production endpoint for testing

Choose a pre-production endpoint URL to successful submit a request. Travelport recommends sending requests to the endpoint in your region.

Choose endpoint
3. Ping SOAP API Services to test your connectivity

Send a ping request to check network connectivity and that the method you have chosen for generating SOAP requests is compatible with our system.

Review documentation
4. Review how to build a sample request & response

Review the documentation to make sure you build your requests correctly.

Review documentation
Download WSDLs and schemas

Download a zip file of the latest SOAP XML API Services release to use the most up-to-date services when you start building your application.

Download WSDLs and schemas
6. Start sending API requests and testing the transactions

After you have everything set up, start building out some API transactions to test the functionality.