Travelport Smartpoint SDK

Are you a regional Travelport agency or third-party developer who wants to build your own custom plug-ins to extend Smartpoint's capabilities? Do you have an idea to create new business opportunities or enhance an agency's workflow? Travelport Smartpoint SDK is the tool you need to achieve your goal.

Travelport Smartpoint SDK is packaged with Smartpoint and is offered at no additional charge. The SDK contains tools, documentation, and utilities to develop custom plug-ins.

The Travelport Smartpoint SDK is currently only available for development against the Travelport Galileo and Travelport Apollo systems.

Interested? Click the “Contact us for access” button after reviewing the API and SDK Content Policy and the SDK License Agreement.

Extend Smartpoint

Custom plug-ins can be used to fulfill regional or agency-specific business needs, offer non-GDS ancillary services, integrate third-party applications, or integrate mid- and back-office systems. Plug-ins can be either a DLL or an EXE. Smartpoint SDK supports plug-ins for air, hotel, vehicle, booking files, client files, queues, terminal transactions, and XML transactions.

Tools ease development

Plug-ins are developed using .NET Framework 4. The SDK provides templates for C# and Visual Basic, sample projects, and code snippets for accessing interface elements. The SDK Console is a plug-in that runs within Smartpoint and allows you to test code snippets without having to build an entire plug-in. Smartpoint has a developer mode called Test Harness, which allows you to test your plug-ins locally.

Plug-ins distributable through Marketplace

Plug-ins created and deployed within an agency are not required to be certified by Travelport. Plug-ins being distributed through Marketplace require a Travelport certification, which ensures that the plug-in is suitable for access to Travelport’s production system. After a plug-in is approved, the plug-in can be loaded onto Travelport Marketplace, an e-commerce platform where third-party developers and Travelport can market solutions to travel agencies worldwide.  Read more >