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RESTful JSON API Microservices

Use our modern, standards-based API Microservices to quickly build reliable solutions for searching, booking, and managing travel across Travelport supplier content.
  • Fast and easy to implement
    Flexible, modular architecture allows parallel development streams
  • Designed with mobile and eCommerce in mind
    Lightweight RESTful protocol with reduced JSON payloads
  • Reliable and future proof
    High availability, scalable, well-documented microservices architecture


Provides one versatile programming interface for all your content needs. Includes basic air plus low-cost carriers, branded fares, ancillary services, hotel, car rental, and rail, making it easy to develop a desktop, web, or mobile end-to-end travel application.
  • Direct and indirect rich content
    Offers aggregated content from GDS and API connections
  • Speed and stability
    Powers established and innovative OTAs around the globe
  • Rapid onboarding
    Well-documented API with extensive developer resources

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