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Pilot Program

Our latest generation of APIs for the Travel Industry provide a RESTful solution, designed to be lightweight and high performance, and are specifically optimized for mobile applications. The Trip Services pilot program provides early access for a limited set of customers as we build APIs for the end-to-end workflows. Initial pilot customers are very happy with their experience:

“It could easily have taken us eight months to a year to get where we are today, but we’ve done it in just three months with Travelport Trip Services.”

--Andrew Appleton, Head of Travel Services, SANDBOXX

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Travelport Trip Services API Overview

Travelport Trip Services API Overview

The Travelport Trip Services APIs strike a balance between speed and performance. All requests are modeled on the Open Travel Alliance (OTA) API standard and Open Distribution Methodology (ODM) concepts, to make the APIs easy to work with, conceptually well-documented, and standardized.

The APIs are grouped by "kit", to give quick access to APIs that you can use to create end-to-end travel workflows for your application.

Using Postman to Test APIs

You can use Postman to test any of the currently available Trip Services APIs. The free Postman GUI application allows you to test API requests and see examples before you add the API to your development environment.

Air APIs

Air APIs

The Trip Services Air kit will provide APIs to enable you to design an end-to-end air workflow for an application. At this time, the AirSearch API is part of the pilot program and the first API available in the Air kit.

Air Search

Turbo Search

TurboSearch API increases performance and decreases response time using:

  • Mobile-optimized search
  • Pagination
  • Streamlined number of request parameters

Pending release of the TurboSeach API, Travelport recommends using the AdvancedSearch API at this time.

Advanced Search

At this time, AdvancedSearch API provides advanced search functionality that returns GDS, non-traditional air content (NDC/New Distribution Capability), and low-cost carrier (LCC) content. It is the recommended API for customers who prefer content and are willing to compromise on response speed. This compromise can be mitigated by using:

  • Pagination
  • Streamlined number of request parameters 
  • Asynchronous responses

More content can be returned by using advanced search modifiers.

Fare Family Search

Fare Family Search allows you to target search results to your key audience by:

  • Returning multiple fares in a fare family search response – base fare plus additional fares, called upsell fares, that offer more services, such as including a seat choice and bag.
  • Returning Fare Family results for each Origin and Destination in an itinerary
  • Identifying attributes associated to each branded fare
  • Configuring the number of upsells returned in a response
  • Searching for base fares with specific attributes

Pending release of the Trip Services Fare Family price, the regular Trip Services Price API can be used.

Air Price

Use Air Price to confirm pricing on specified air search results. AirPrice supports flexible pricing: You can either price for the same class of service as requested in the itinerary, or look for the lowest fare in any class of service within the specified cabin class.

Air Reservation

The AirReservation API creates an air reservation using the offer details from either an AirSearch or AirPrice response. AirReservation supports multiple travelers and all passenger type codes. AirReservation also lets you store fares with optional pricing modifiers and/or brand details. If a pricing modifier is not added, the auto-stored fare is added to the reservation.

Air Ticketing

A collection of AirTicketing APIs that allow you to ticket a booked PNR from an AirReservation response, to return details about a ticketed itinerary, and to void a ticket

Trip Change Kit Overview

Trip Change Kit Overview

The Trip Services Trip Change kit provides APIs that enable you to design an end-to-end workflow for the air exchange and refund processes for an application. At this time, the Eligibility API is part of the pilot program and the first API available in the Trip Change kit.

Trip Change Eligibility API

Use the Trip Change Eligibility API to quickly and efficiently determine whether a ticket has value in an exchange or refund scenario, including associated exchange fees.

Hotel Kit Overview

Hotel Kit Overview

Use the Trip Services Hotel kit to quickly build an end-to-end hotel workflow in your application. Currently in the pilot program, the Hotel kit contains:

  • Hotel Search API
  • Hotel Details API
  • Hotel Availability API
  • Hotel Reservation API
  • Hotel Modify API
  • Hotel Cancel API


Hotel Search

  • Search for hotels using either geographic coordinate information, or the city, state, and country.
  • Receive a list of properties in the response that match the location and dates sent in the request.
  • Send a follow-on request for either details or availability for a specific property.

Hotel Details

  • Retrieve a detailed property description and additional images for a specific hotel, returned in the Hotel Search response.

Hotel Availability

  • Send a Hotel Availability request to receive a response with room types and available rates for a specified hotel property on specific dates.
  • Can be sent directly after a search request or using the NextSteps object in the Hotel Details request.

Hotel Reservation

  • Book a room based on information from the availability request.
  • A successful response returns a reservation confirmation, the total price, and any terms and conditions.

Hotel Modify

  • Modify an existing hotel reservation or add a hotel reservation to an existing travel itinerary.

Hotel Cancel

  • Cancel an existing hotel reservation.
Car Kit Overview

Car Kit Overview

Use the Trip Services Car kit to quickly build an end-to-end car workflow in your application. Currently in the pilot program, the Car kit contains:

  • Car Availability API
  • Car Rules API
  • Car Book API
  • Car Cancel API

Car Availability

  • Search for car availability with the pickup location, dates, and times.
  • Receive a list of available cars and pricing, including vendor, make and model information, distance rules, the rate period, the rate for the full rental period, and an estimated total amount.

Car Rules

  • Receive a list of rules for the car rental, such as extra mileage charges and cancellation policies. Rules include both informational text and actual restrictions or requirements.

Car Book

  • Book a car based on information from the availability request.
  • A successful response returns a reservation confirmation, the total price, and any terms and conditions.

Car Cancel

  • Cancel an existing car reservation.
Payment Card Services API

Payment Card Services API

Use the PaymentCardServices API to request credit card authorizations, card and address validations, and reversals against a specific merchant vendor. Currently in the pilot program, the PaymentCardServices API includes the functionality to request:

  • Payment card authorization to verify whether a cardholder's payment card is authorized for sufficient funds and approved for future settlement.
  • Address verification to verify that a customer’s payment card address and/or postal code matches the address recorded in the card issuer's system.
  • Authorization reversal to notify the issuer if a sale has been voided or canceled and the authorization hold should be released.
  • Card validation to verify the card number length, BIN range, and LUHN algorithm.

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Please contact your account manager for more information on the Pilot program.