Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Travelport Developer Network?

The Travelport Developer Network is a program we have created especially for independent software developers who would like to integrate their solutions with Travelport's global platform of travel products and services.

Question: Why have you created this program?

The Travelport Developer Network is designed to strengthen the relationship between Travelport and the developer community. So, we asked you what you would like from us and listened to your feedback. Since then we have been building the Travelport Developer Network and making sure that it incorporates the elements that developers asked us to provide. It offers you unique access to all the resources, information and support you need to develop new and exciting solutions built on our platform.

Question: What are key benefits in joining the Travelport Developer Network?

Members of the Travelport Developer Network enjoy four main types of benefit:

  1. Access to Travelport Universal API, SDK and Travelport Universal Desktop software.
    Unlike some other programs, Travelport Developer Network membership includes access to Travelport's latest generation of developer tools, the Travelport Universal API and the Travelport Universal Desktop Software Development Kit (SDK).
    1. Enhanced Technical Support
      We are adding new features to Travelport's existing excellent levels of product support exclusively for members of the Travelport Developer Network. Every member will be assigned a Partner Technical Specialist to be a point of contact on development and support issues. These individuals are developers themselves with experience in developing their own applications and so they will truly understand your concerns and issues. Not only will they react to any issues that you raise with them but they will also be responsible for providing you with technology updates and keeping you up to speed with Travelport's development initiatives and roadmap.

      Every member will have full access to our comprehensive Travelport Universal API, Travelport Universal Desktop SDK and Travelport Classic API resource centre. This is where you'll find all our documented schemas, help files, demonstrations, fact sheets, technical downloads and brochures. You'll also have access to more of our technical experts via the members-only area of the Travelport Developer Network Forum. This community will be exclusively for members of our developer network and will offer you a unique environment where you can share information and news, solve problems, ask questions and maybe even answer a few, too. Our own technical experts will be active in the Forum and will always be ready to help you.
  2. Enhanced Commercial Support
    In addition to technical support, Travelport will assign an Account Manager to every member, whose role it will be to conduct regular commercial reviews of your business to ensure you're making the most of your relationship with Travelport. This will help you generate leads, convert new business opportunities or increase your visibility with our network of travel agencies. We're regularly asked to put them in touch with developers who meet their requirements and when you join the network, you will be able to showcase your company, products and services on the Travelport Developer Network Directory. This is where our agency customers and their Travelport Account teams worldwide come to when they're looking for developers and solutions that carry the Travelport seal of approval.
  3. Application Certification
    Every application that you develop against the Travelport Universal API or with the Travelport Universal Desktop SDK will go through a certification process with Travelport's team of experts before it can go live into production. The primary reason for this approach is to ensure that our customers make optimal use of our respective API products to create applications that are efficient, leverage best development practice, achieve their business goals and are secure. This process also helps Travelport and our customers manage the costs of inefficiency, such as excessive transaction fees. We will provide you with a Travelport Certified App logo that you can use in your own marketing to provide reassurance to your customers that your applications integrate efficiently to the Travelport platform.
Question: How do I join?

Please complete the application form on our website and one of our team will be in contact to complete the application process.

Question: Who is eligible to join the Travelport Developer Network?

To become a member of the Travelport Developer Network, registered companies will need to enter into a developer contract with Travelport. The Developer Network is not designed for individuals. In addition, travel agencies, tour operators and travel management companies are not eligible to join. 

Question: Is this a worldwide program?

Yes, this is a global program. At launch, the Travelport Developer Network will be available in 25 countries and we intend to increase that number over time so that membership is available in every market where Travelport does business. The following table lists the markets where the program is available right now. If your country is not listed, please contact one of our team for further guidance.

Travelport Developer Network coverage (companies must be registered in the following countries to be eligible to join)

Americas Europe, Middle East & Africa (cont.)
Canada Ireland
USA Israel
Asia & Pacific Latvia
Australia Lithuania
New Zealand Luxembourg
The Netherlands
Europe, Middle East & Africa Norway
Belgium Poland
Denmark Romania
Estonia Russia
Finland South Africa
France Sweden
Germany Switzerland
Greece UK
Question: I'd like to get some more information about the program, is there someone I can talk to?

Please complete the Register your interest form or email us on and one of our team will contact you.

Question: How much does it cost to join and how long does my membership last?

One of our team will be happy to discuss the pricing for membership with you. Please complete the Register your interest form or email us on for further information. Membership lasts for one year and renews automatically unless you decide not to renew.

Question: Is there a limit as to how many people we can sign up?

No, there is no limit. Membership is for your company and all of the appropriate employees in your business will be able to access the materials available on our new developer portal.

Question: Is an NDA required prior to getting access to Travelport's developer website?

No. There is an NDA included in the contract that your company signed to become a member. Access to certain parts of the site is restricted to members only.

Question: Will there be events that I can attend?

We intend to run a number of events in a variety of different locations on a regular basis. In addition, we will also be scheduling a series of webinars on different topics that we think will be of interest to developers. We also welcome your input on what you would like to see us cover in future sessions. You will find all of the details on planned events here.

Question: Can I participate in the forums and who will represent Travelport?

Members of the Travelport Developer Network have access to all sections of our new developer forums, including a specific area that is reserved for members only. We intend to use the forum to share best practice, let you know about the features in new releases of our developer products and services and answer commonly asked questions about Travelport products and of course about the Developer Network itself. Travelport will field contributors from across all of the relevant parts of our business including Partnerships & Alliances, Product Management, API Support and the Solutions Consultancy team. The forums will give every member the opportunity to share questions, challenges and successes with other Developer Network members and Travelport customers.

Question: What level of support do we provide to Travelport Developer Network members?

Our primary support function for developers is provided by the Travelport API Support team, which is Travelport's 24x7 Global Service Centre. You can find information on how to contact the team and log any issues here:

It is particularly important to follow the processes outlined on this site to report any serious production problems such as critical system outages, system connectivity issues and high impact schedule problems to the team.

As a member of the Travelport Developer Network you can also benefit from some additional support facilities. acts as a one-stop shop for all of Travelport's support material and documentation. In addition to schemas, code samples and help files you will also be able to share questions and comments with other developers and with Travelport experts on any development topics in our new interactive developer forum. Travelport specialists will also regularly contribute their own material in the form of blogs and posts. All of this material can be searched along with answers from Travelport's ASK Travelport knowledge base to ensure that you have the most comprehensive and up to date information available to you.

Last but by no means least, our team of Partner Technical Specialists is dedicated to members of the Network. Most of these specialists are developers themselves with experience of the travel industry and developing applications using Travelport's solutions. You should be able to find the contact details for your dedicated Partner Technical Specialist by logging into our website but if you are in any doubt please email us at:

Question: What is the Travelport Developer Directory?

The Travelport Developer Directory is an online sales resource available to Travelport's 67,000 travel agency customers worldwide that lists member organisations of the Developer Network and showcases their products and services. It provides you with a shop window in which you can display, promote and profit from your expertise.

Question: What are the benefits of maintaining a profile for my company in the developer directory?

The developer directory is another sales and marketing tool for your business. Not only can you use it to promote your solutions to Travelport's travel agency customers but in addition the directory will be viewed by Travelport's sales and product teams, who will use the information when making recommendations to customers.